Making The Most Of Our Lives (Part 2)

Now let's look at the final Principles that will guide our focus and actions to create what we really want in our lives!

Making The Most Of Our Lives - The Principles - Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we looked at the first 4 Principles for Making the Most of Our Lives:

  1. Love
  2. Humility
  3. Self-Discipline
  4. Order

In Part 2 we will look at the final Principles that will guide our focus and actions to create what we really want in our lives!  Let’s get started with Principle # 5.

  1. Making The Right Judgment, Choice, and Decision

Whatever you accomplish or achieve in life is a reflection of your judgment, choice, and decision. Wisdom is an important element for someone to have so as to make right judgment, to make right choice, and to make right decision. Prudence is a hallmark of wisdom; it consists of careful consideration of an issue before taking action, exercising caution, understanding your conduct or action, knowing whether it is the right thing to do or not, having foresight, exercising restraint, using knowledge wisely, weighing careful what to say, so on. When we make judgment, choice, or decision, they directly lead us to selecting something out of the many aspects; it is this thing we select that ultimately becomes the nucleus of our attention.

  1. Selective Attention

Selective attention is intentional; it is a deliberate act of choosing the best alternative out of several options which is likely to bring most excellent results. Selective attention is an indication that someone has thorough knowledge about something and can exercise it with absolute skill and competence. Someone that is skilled at selective attention is very good at details, and this skill is critical in eliminating ambiguity and errors. Selective attention can help someone to prioritize things, to go for what matters most and to attend to it to avoid suffering loss.  Selective attention is a precursor to concentrated and sustained focus. In other words, selective attention leads us to focus only on the very thing that we have picked.

  1. Concentrated Focus

Concentrated focus is giving undivided attention to something that you have selected with full understanding that it will yield the best results. It means not to waver, to be resolute, to be determined, to be steadfast, and to be persistent. In practical terms it is about where you concentrate and continue your investment so long as it takes to yield highest results; investment could include your resources, your energy, your feelings, your thinking, your relationship, or your time. When we concentrate and sustain our focus on something, we end up mastering it.

  1. Master

Someone who is a master in a certain thing demonstrates skillfulness, proficiency, complete knowledge or skill, accomplishment; is an authority in a subject or activity. Proverbs 22:29 says, “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure men”. The words diligent (hardworking, industrious, assiduous, meticulous, conscientious, thorough, attentive), skilled (accomplished, expert, capable, trained), speedy (quick, prompt, swift), active (lively, vigorous, energetic, dynamic) best describe someone who is a master in doing something. Someone who has mastered a skill or art can make the most of something, because the person achieves precision. We become masters in something by practicing the skill or process or a task or activity repeatedly until it becomes a habit, an automatic response.

  1. Precision

When someone masters a skill or art, he or she acquires advanced level of quality called precision. The word precision comes from the word precise. Someone who is precise is said to be exact, accurate, and careful about details; he or she is described to be meticulous, scrupulous, rigorous, explicit, unambiguous, and detailed. Accuracy and exactness are marks of precision. Applied in real life or profession, precision is concerned mainly with reducing or eliminating errors or mistakes or wrongs. Eliminating or reducing errors, mistakes, or wrongs increases the chances for excellence, for achieving utmost results, for accomplishment in life, and for enjoying something as much as possible.

Precision helps us to achieve much with less, that is, less resources, less energy and effort, less time; it is the ultimate optimization of the possibilities.

Making the most our lives is not achieved in a day, or a month or a year. It is a lifelong process and a learning process that leads to growth and self-development. It starts by taking one simple step followed by another step and so on. It is like a baby learning to walk, it stands and falls, tries again and falls again; it gets frustrated and cries. But when it finally stands on its own and walks, you could see how happy and excited it is, and how those small achievements motivate the baby to tirelessly seek for more.

This article will come out as eBook. I will highly appreciate your comments after reading this article. Thank you so much for your time.

Kennedy June 2016

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