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"I would love to help you make the most of your unlimited potential and your capability to create and experience what you want to be in life".

Before We Connect, You Probably Want To Know More About Me.  I'm Kennedy Barasa Wanyonyi ...

My Mission

Kennedy standing at chairMy mission in life is to help people make the most of their unlimited potential and capability to create and experience what they want to be in life.

I partner with you through Optimize Vast Possibilities to make real changes that matter to you most happen in your personal life and professional life. It is a privilege for you to entrust me with such a great responsibility, and I do it with love, diligence, and passion.

At a young age I was gifted with ability to cast my eyes to the future and to the possibilities that lie there, to discover my uniqueness, to deliberately discipline myself, to make sacrifices, and to work tirelessly hard to achieve desired outcome, a quality that has inspired many people I have been privileged to work with or come into contact with. I have learned that when we are open to the possibilities, we will naturally and easily find solutions to any problem or challenge we may face.

When I was in Grade 3, I developed unusual interest in international affairs. By intuition I would say, I developed a habit of listening to international news in Swahili from a radio. A momentous event that caught my attention by chance was happening, 1973-Israeli-Arab war, known as the “Yom Kippur War,” which thrust me to un-imagined possibilities. Never been to a modern town, living in a remote village, the radio introduced me to a fascinating world my eyes had not seen but imagined having seen and the thought of it ever imprinted on my mind. This consciousness tremendously influenced my future leading to a fruitful career eighteen years later in international affairs and international development.

I am a devoted family man, happily married to my dear wife Rosemary with whom we have children namely: Brenda, Theophilus, Paul, Moses, and Candy. I am an avid reader of titles on business leadership and management, politics, international affairs, different cultures, investment, emerging economies, health and nutrition, spirituality and faith, and physical fitness.

I enjoy listening to Christian music and messages by devout men and women of God. I enjoy nature, running, writing, cooking and healthy eating.

I strongly believe that all things are possible to them that not only believe, but confess as well that “I can.”

But Let's Face It - No one is gifted enough to have answers to every challenge he/she faces or the community faces. The truth is, you and I need someone to help us where we are deficient.

It simply requires humility, and to know that we live in a community where we express our individuality, but at the same time we share common things such as shared values, shared interests that draw us to each other.

When we care for each other, we help others discover the possibilities to create and experience what they want to be. It takes awareness (realization) to do this, and selective attention and concentrated and sustained focus to achieve it.

The Experience & Training That I Bring To Our Sessions

Certified Life Coach LogoI am a Certified Coach Practitioner associated with Certified Coaches Federation.  I am a member of The Word Guild - an association of Canadian Christian writers and editors.

I graduated from Trinity Western University (Langley, BC, Canada) with a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership with a Major in Business.  I also graduated from the University of Nairobi, Kenya with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and a Master of Arts Degree in International Studies as well as post-graduate Certificate from National Defence College (ndc), Kenya in Policy and Strategy, among others.

I have broad international experience with over fifteen years in the diplomatic service. I have been privileged to travel around the world, met and worked with people from different cultural background, worked on high-level and complex international projects, advised senior-level executives.

These experiences have empowered me to bring different perspectives to issues, to understand the links between others and I, to shift thinking about me to others, to be open to the culture of others, to bring many viewpoints to issues involving the matrix of concepts, orientations, values, sensibilities, and attitudes as well as to enhance my understanding of the social, economic, political, and environmental forces that shape our daily lives.

I have spoken to crowds ranging from a handful to several hundred, and conducted training and staff retreat, organized and coordinated conferences, involved in regional peace initiatives as a committee member, served as rapporteur to IGAD Heads of State and Government Summit, served as secretary to key ministerial and inter-ministerial committees handling policy review, realigning structures, preparation of annual work plan and performance assessment, among others.

I am a leader in the church and I have been involved in developing church leaders and volunteered to a number of charities.

Why I Am A Coach

Caring and supporting others to overcome obstacles and position them to succeed is something I highly cherish.  One day, a young man and his parents came to my office desperately seeking help.  The young man had failed two interviews to get a visa to study in the USA.  They asked me for a letter, which previously we wrote to support applicants particularly students, but unfortunately this time it had been stopped.

When they heard this, their countenance fell and were in low spirit.

I could understand why they felt this way, the dream of a young man was in jeopardy. I decided to speak uplifting and encouraging words to the young man, to lift his spirit and brighten his countenance and inspire confidence in him; as I spoke to him, suddenly I saw change on his face and posture, and I knew then that he had overcome fear and self-doubt.

From my office he went for the interview, and at 2.30pm, an overjoyed young man and his parents came to share with me the good news, he passed the interview, got the visa, and guess what, his dream was alive.

I am always overjoyed and grateful to God for granting me such a great opportunity to be part of a solution to someone feeling like something is limiting, confining and suppressing his or her potential and capability to make the most of his or her life.

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